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“The Familiar” Podcast!

This post more resembles a discussion “audio blog,” than a podcast. It was recorded by four students from Weber State University. Dylan Davis, Ben Bigelow, Chelsea Maki, and Trevor Byington each bring a topic to discuss with the group. The discussion covers the re-mediation of television, hetero-normatives in “The Familiar,” the “Signiconic,” and the “aesthetic conundrum” the novel has created.

It was recorded on 1/24/2015.

Keep in mind, this was not done in a studio so the audio can be a little spotty. Regardless, we hope you enjoy it!


Remediating TV

Danielewski has said that his works “remediate” other media: House of Leaves remediates film, for instance, Only Revolutions remediates music, and The Familiar remediates television.

We might think about The Familiar remediating television in two ways: as genre and as medium. We can certainly think about The Familiar building on literary genres like detective fiction and science fiction. But are there ways we could say that TF incorporates elements of television genres? (Perhaps reality tv? The nightly news?) We might also look for subtler ways that the novel nods to the conventions of TV programs. There’s an early reference to Stephen Colbert, for instance, and you’ll find references to very current events, which you might not expect to see in a novel.

In terms of medium, are there ways that the novel’s use of the “signiconic” remediates TV as a technology? The book is rectangular, a shape that could mimic either the physical hardware of a television set or the space of the TV screen. Are either of these reflected in the book’s design? And how is reading The Familiar like watching a TV program?

How do you see TF incorporating and playing with the conventions of television?