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Someone mentioned an existing post or thread on the font choices, but I haven’t been able to track it down. In the interim, I’ll sketch out some preliminary notes to start and we can build together as the reading progresses.

(This would be more fun with CSS. We’re unfortunately stuck with the template style sheet though.)

Luther: Imperial BT
– “cower power”

Anwar: Adobe Garamond
– old-style serif dating to 15C, i.e. beginnings of print
– see: character biography, Egypt as origin of writing

jingjing: rotis semi sans
– font used for highway and street signs in Singapore

Özgür: Baskerville
– Hounds thereof
– A transitional font between modern and old style; printing history of John Baskerville may pertain

Shnorkh: Promemoria
– Armenian genocide, traumatic memory and memorialization

Xanther: Minion
– OED: “A person who is specially favoured or loved; a popular hero, a favourite of the public”; “The supposed companion or favourite of something personified”; “Originally: a (usually male) favourite of a sovereign, prince, or other powerful person; a person who is dependent on a patron’s favour”

I’ll leave it to commenters to work on the rest…