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Mark Z. Danielewski’s Twitter

In quest to satiate my insistent desire to learn more about The Familiar, Danielewski, and the world he has created for us, I stumbled upon his personal twitter account. I thought it might be an interesting, and valuable, resource to those of us who aren’t quite satisfied with waiting for the next volume. His twitter handle is .

I truly invite all of you to explore his twitter feed. While some tweets provide satisfying answers, a majority of them only spark more questions for me (which I find more intriguing).

His twitter feed is full of previews, hints, and clues as to what is to come for those readers that are anxiously waiting the release of book one. He even tweeted a picture of what the cover will look like in color to his twitter followers (which I found rewarding)!!! He also has repeatedly tweeted pictures of stars and the solar system which we are left with (bewildered) at the end of the first volume. Each of these tweets is accompanied with a string of numbers (maybe code?) which add to my confusion. I also enjoy the number of cat pictures and sketches he has tweeted out as well. He even tweets a bleak diagnosis from a vet a few times… 

I think all you will enjoy browsing through his tweets.

I could only read his twitter bio with a playful smile as it says “Here you will not find your voice….” (perhaps because, in his world, we are lost in the voices of so many others).