The Familiar and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

I think these novels are very interestingly comparable. In The Familiar, the relationship between Xanther and the kitten she saves is crucial. Xanther finally feels calm and at peace once she is around this kitten and saves it from doom. The millions of questions in her head are ending now and she can finally act like a normal child. Readers can feel the calming sensation wash over her. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves poses a very different view. Rose started off her life with Fern, the chimpanzee, and everything makes sense to her. She feels normal and complete with her “twin sister”. However, she feels very opposite once Fern is taken away from her. She literally feels like a piece of her is actually missing and the bond they had is now broken since Fern is gone. It is almost like her and Xanther traded places. We can put both characters side by side and see the difference the animals made. The message one can get when comparing these two characters and novels is that humans need animals. The bond is actually curing, and the results of stripping the animal away from the human are devastating. In fact, Rose’s entire family is torn apart once Fern leaves them.


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