Maus and The Familiar

I think that Maus and The Familiar impact their readers for similar reasons. They each have a very distinct and unique way of delivering their messages to their reader though their creative design. For Maus, we have a graphic novel that delivers horrific stories of life in a concentration camp, but does so in a softened way because of its mice graphics. This allows the reader to also examine the graphics without the text and think deeper about what the work is really saying.

The Familiar does the same for its reader in that it offers random (or not so random) images and intricate designs throughout the novel. Although I am not sure it delivers its message CLEARLY- it does make an impact on its readers. It caused me to delve deeper into the meanings behind the symbols and designs and it raised a lot of questions. What I think it accomplished was pulling the reader past just the surface of its pages and caused us to really think and examine what was going on.

Both novels succeed in being thought provoking and artistic in a way that makes readers feel like they are gathering so much more from their reading than they would reading a typical novel.


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