The average mouse is a stereotypical lab animal. The lab rat is used to assist the experimenter and placed into harsh conditions. The rats are subjected to disease, stitches, staples, poison, and all just to find cures for human kind. It seems to be a selfish act. The rats are kept in cages and given food that is not the typical diet. Why do lab rats deserve to go through such harsh conditions?

In the story Maus, Spiegelman uses the mouse and much like a the lab rat the mice in the story are put through harsh conditions. The mice are treated like lab rats because they are imprisoned due to conditions that are unfair and unavoidable, their religious beliefs. It can be argued that Spiegelman used the mouse to relate the lab rat to the mouse. Even though the story is based on Art Spiegelman’s real family there is a comparison of the mouse to show the harsh conditions. Spiegelman used an exaggeration to show the extremity of conditions.

Similar to lab rats there were many deaths during the holocaust and in the story of Maus. The deaths were unforeseen and for personal gain of power. There are some lab rats that survive and there were many holocaust survivors.


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