Major Frustration

January 20

I am starting to not enjoy this book at all but I am only at the halfway point.  I like books that I can read deep into but this is a complete and total mystery.  I am really enjoying all the Xanther editions and pushing myself to keep reading further and hopefully finding her again.  This whole ordeal of piecing together stories and also keeping them apart from each other is very difficult.  I am hoping on every page that I am brought to, I can fully understand but it is not coming to me.  To jingjing and the Armenians… “feel like am reading movie” get it?

January 29

To my surprise I am taking back my statement on January 20th.  Now that I have completed this “journey” and have meditated with my class, I am understanding the author, the characters, and why this book is a complete mystery.  Yes, we have talked about why literary books are “deeply over read” but in this case (reading The Familiar or any of Danielewski’s books) your mind can wander and think about anything it wants time and time again.  

Let me clarify: When reading a “regular” literary novel that is written in unmarked text it is simple to understand the meaning of the story.  And again, when reading the book a second time, more information may surface.  Possibly, when reading a third time, the reader can again pick up on more information.  In The Familiar each time the book is read, I feel that new information is everlasting.  Every time the text is read, new information will surface time after time after time….

This book is definitely not for the typical reader.  It’s special.


One response to “Major Frustration”

  1. treenataniesha says :

    I understand that. The book defies complete understanding, and perhaps more “literary” texts aim to do that to a certain extent. The attempt to mean so much… all at once. The mind can’t quite get it all in one shot, and it’s frustrating. Thus the need for critical analysis, for talking with others to gain different perspectives (in linear time, not simultaneously), and the need for re-reading. A good book is worth re-reading and, who knows, maybe it’s worth is measurable in some sense by how many re’s we can tack on to the reading 😉

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