Danielewski, Astair, and Tai Chi

I found Astair’s dedication to Tai Chi a little odd.  While it was not something that played a pivotal role in the book, it is a central part of Astair’s habits.  She has also tried to include Xanther in this.

I don’t know much about Tai Chi, but in reading about Danielewski, I found an interesting quote from an interview (which may have already been linked):

“He compares the twinned ideas of emptiness or lack of meaning, with fullness or resolution, to Tai Chi, which he has studied for years. “A lot of that involves the exploration of emptiness and wholeness,” he says. “I’ve been exploring a lot of the emptiness, or even the emptying, of form. It seems sort of silly to not acknowledge, or allow a bit of that fullness to participate in the narrative, especially after such a long, hard experience.””

From: http://www.theskinny.co.uk/books/features/mark-z-danielewski-paper-at-the-cutting-edge-of-fiction-feature

This exploration of emptiness and wholeness seems very in line with Astair’s way of thinking to me.  She sees her children in front of her and is happy, but she cannot cope with her disappointments. They live simultaneously.  Thoughts?


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