The Familiar “kindle edition”?

When I was looking online to see the cover image that is being advertised with the book now, I discovered that the book is going to be available for purchase in Kindle edition here:

This naturally had me wondering what effect the digitalization of the book will have. I think that having the book be an ebook would beparticularly interesting with respect to the narcons since they (like e-readers) are a fusion of technology and storytelling. I wonder, though, if the unique visual aspects of the book (like the symbols in the spine of the book or the dog eared pages) will be lost in a kindle version of the book…


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One response to “The Familiar “kindle edition”?”

  1. creativekat24601 says :

    I find it really amazing that you looked up and discovered that a version of this book is going to be available as an e-text, and would like to add my own speculative two cents about all that the kindle edition is sure to be able to add to the text rather than take away.
    I personally have no doubt that the special features of the pages, from the symbols in the spine to the dog ears, will not be removed from the e-text edition. I think that removing them would go against the nature of the novel and downplay the important visual aspects that Danielewski put into the text with a definitive meaning and purpose.
    I think that rather than taking away from the inventiveness of the text, the kindle version will take advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by the technological aspects and add some things that will do even more to bring the text to life. Some of the options that I think are possible in accomplishing this include:
    -The opening pages that are supposed to play like videos will actually be enabled to do so.
    -Translations of the different language portions of the book right there with the click of a button.
    -The sound effect of rain on the pages where the words turn into raindrops.
    -The sound effect of the cat’s yowl when that mysterious screech is mentioned.
    -Other helpful links to important references in the text, such as the name John Charles Francis on page 332.
    -The phone pages such as pages 434-435 might be made more interactive somehow, or maybe there will be a video example of the Horrorsphere or Anwar’s game Paradise Open.
    Last semester I read How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe, which is also a metafictional novel like The Familiar . One of my classmates had an e-text form of the novel and generously shared with the rest of the class all of the links, videos, sound clips, and other various goodies that the e-text had taken full advantage of employing. Not only did we find that it gave the text more life and helped the reader really engage in the world of the text, but it was also very convenient in helping to illustrate and explain things in the text right when they were mentioned rather than having to go back and look them up later.
    I’m not sure if the e-text will take advantage of all of the opportunities that the technology of an e-text can provide, but I am sure that if nothing else the e-text will not fall short in displaying all of the artistic and visual features that Danielewski employed in his original text.

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