binary translator

I don’t know much about computers, programming, or coding, but I had a little bit of fun with this binary to text translator:

In particular, I used it with the picture of the orb that’s completely made out of binary code on page 640. I know the broader idea that the orb is composed of binary is much more important than analyzing what the specific binary says, but I thought it would be interesting to plug in some of the streams of alternating zeros and ones to see if there’s any meaning to them. It looks like most of the lines are simply a long string of ‘U’s follow by a ‘P,’ so ultimately it’s the word ‘up’ repeating many times. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to that, though–I just found it interesting…



One response to “binary translator”

  1. svoigt01 says :

    To add to this, the web resource I found was for a similar reason, to kind of open my understanding of all this coding stuff, I found a basic code terminology explanation that was pretty fun to play around with. After reading this it was (marginally) helpful to figure out more of what the video game coding is. I’m not sure what exactly this can do to deepen the understanding of the reading, but part of this book is different levels of discovery. It kind of dumbs down the coding process (which is exactly what I needed).

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