Regarding the official cover art

I’m curious to know what people make of the relevance that pink has to THE FAMILIAR? Our copies are pink, which is apparently intentional because if you look up the official cover online you will notice that the title is the same shade of pink there as well. In HOUSE OF LEAVES the word House was always blue on account of the backdrop-like canvas it represented (a blue screen of sorts) so I’m figuring that there must be a deeper meaning behind the color pink as it is used here. Anyone care to hypothesize?


One response to “Regarding the official cover art”

  1. dragonwolf7777 says :

    I suppose that the pink could be a reference to the idea of coming of age. After all pink is a combination of white the color of purity and red the color of passion. As if Danielewski is pointing to the transition that most of the characters seem to be going through in the book. Because pink is a softer color, it would be the gentler side to passion. Compassion maybe? Although from the story lines thus far the there is a real potential for violence in the story.

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