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La poëta au cachot, debraille, maladif, Roulant un manuscrit sous son pied convulsif, Mesure d'un regard que ;a terreur enflamme L'escalier de vertigo oú sábîme son âme. -Charles Boudelaire

2 responses to “Signiconic”

  1. rraley says :

    Roger Chartier: “the reader can only insinuate his or her own writing in the virgin spaces of the book….A reader who nevertheless intends to inscribe his or her presence in the object can do so only by surreptitiously, clandestinely occupying the spaces in the book that have been left free of printing: interiors of covers, blank pages, margins of the text” (20).

    Those who have seen Zoe’s illustrated, marked up (even adapted) text are in a position to think about the ways in which TF in its exploitation and embrace of codexical form invites modes of participation and interaction that paradoxically violate that very form. Are there other instances of graphic or deformative reading that people want to share? Any origami owls made out of loose pages?

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