Chapter Images

The beginning of each chapter has the title chapter, an epigraph, and an image. The images have trends so I marked them by which character the chapter “belongs to”…

Xanther – Orbs filled with something relating to the chapter

Anwar – Images that fade/break apart into triangles

Astair – Birds (nest, feather, abstract painting that seems to have a bird eye or something in it, and eggs)

Luther – This one has the least clear trend in images… Three of his chapters have vehicles (van, bus, car), but the first and third of his chapters are some kind of padlocked bars (maybe?) and barbed wire fences, respectively.

Jingjing – A snowflake that across chapters materializes into ice

Cas/Bobby (Wizard?) – Orb (larger than Xanther’s) with something cloudy in it

Ozgur – Several snapshots that look to me like surveillence camera screens with the same image repeated (police car, hallway)

Shnorhk – Several photographs of people but instead of faces, there’s a bright light

Isandorno – Almost completely blank except two halves of the same picture


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