Being overwhelmed

I completely agree with you here. I think our generation gets so much flack for being so consumed with “the media” but people have always been consumed with media, it’s just that the media has changed. I wouldn’t say the relationship is completely void of bimodal distribution — I do think the access we have to each other affects our emotions. It’s not just about how the media has changed but how it has changed and how much more of it there is. I also agree that Xanther’s anxiety directly comes from these apps. It’s not borne new for her specialty.

Really interesting point about how ultimately this novel can relate to the Millennials. Danielewski has something amazing here with this book and as far as I’m concerned, he’s changed the scene of reading. It’s about so much more now–the way something is mediated to you does in fact affect you. So, it’s interesting you brought this up. Great post!

Discussion board for Mark Z. Danielewski's THE FAMILIAR, Volume 1

We are inundated by the strong opinions of older generations on how the extent to which technology in engrained in our lives. It’s difficult for those not raised on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat to understand how we consume media to the point where if we are unable to get in touch with people it can feel like there is something physically wrong with us. Millennials get a lot of crap for behaving a way that they do, but part of that frustration might be misplaced. Is it fair to judge a whole generation based on the fact that more is available to for young people than there has ever been before? I challenge older generations to consider how they would have acted had all this been available because I think that would open up a lot of questions about the way people relate to each other. Maybe some of the social problems stem…

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