Validity and Coffins

There are several sections in the book that seem a bit racy and disingenuous as it pertains to the sections of Lupita’s and Power Draws a Crowd. The depictions of violence in the book show up primarily in these two sections. Danielewski portrays the Hispanic characters as violent toward one another and their community. This is also the first section of swear words that we see in the text. In Power Draws a Crowd the criminal of this section is referred to as “The Boot” which can be perceived as an offensive term for someone of a darker complexion. The “bad guys” of the book seem to me to be of other ethnic background aside from white. There is nothing ethically wrong with this I just thought it was worth noting. My next point is the constant mention of the term coffin. Astair mentions an incident that happened with the coffin at Dov’s funeral, she also mentions being “trapped in the coffins of too many dead ideation” (p.115). The coffin then appears in the cemetery, on page 90, mentioned by Xanther “Why is the coffin locked?” The mention of the coffin by Astair and Xanther can infer that it is Dov’s coffin that is being talked about. As I was reading it I almost felt that the constant mention of the coffin would give us Dov’s cause of death. Until the mention of a coffin in Lupita’ even though this was merely a metaphor.


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One response to “Validity and Coffins”

  1. rraley says :

    For what it’s worth, a “boot” is actually a rookie cop. See William C. Dunn, Boot: An L.A.P.D. Officer’s Rookie Year.

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