The Symbolism of Prayer

On both pages 426 and 786, prayer is referenced in conjunction with death. Ozgur is being presented the bodies of murdered grad students and their bodies are described as “almost as if in prayer.” Similarly, on page 786 we see that Hopi has reached forth with his hands as clasped as if “never-ending prayer.” The victims on page 427 are devoid of visible signs of death as if “they’d been conked on the head” whereas Hopi is literally conked on the head, to his death. This may be a coincidence but I think there is something to be said for its presence.

What is MZD trying to convey here? In a book mired in varying styles and themes, I think these scenes convey perhaps the desperate and sometimes pitiful nature of death, particularly in the violent deaths they suffer here. Their final moments through the usage of the word prayer paint a picture of hoping for a chance to live which they clearly were not afforded.


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