“The Familiar” Podcast!

This post more resembles a discussion “audio blog,” than a podcast. It was recorded by four students from Weber State University. Dylan Davis, Ben Bigelow, Chelsea Maki, and Trevor Byington each bring a topic to discuss with the group. The discussion covers the re-mediation of television, hetero-normatives in “The Familiar,” the “Signiconic,” and the “aesthetic conundrum” the novel has created.

It was recorded on 1/24/2015.

Keep in mind, this was not done in a studio so the audio can be a little spotty. Regardless, we hope you enjoy it!


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One response to ““The Familiar” Podcast!”

  1. rrkaminski9 says :

    Just found this (so I’m a little late), but I definitely agree with your discussion about ignoring literary analysis for visual analysis and how that is odd and frustrating. However, I think that was a common default for readers because there are so many gaps in this novel because it’s so early on in the series that it’s almost impossible to really do much literary analysis at this point.


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