While the Narcons, though in particular TF-Narcon9, are an oft discussed topic here I want to draw attention to, or at least try to get a bit more info on, the more specific identity of TF-Narcon3

The other two Narcons that we are aware of are at least marginally understandable. TF-Narcon9 is of course the most easily understood, as it has told us that it is in some way the narrative collective knowledge (and more?) of the nine main characters in The Familiar. It of course seems to possess some amount of of self-awareness that exists outside of what it knows of it’s nine subject (contrary to its assertion that it is only the collective knowledge of the nine characters), and that presents itself in a mildly snarky but decidedly affable sort of “character”. I think it’s very easy to make the assertion that TF-Narcon9 is a character and not just a plot device – which is something that I don’t think can really be said of the other two Narcons as of yet.

TF-Narcon27, while certainly not as developed as TF-Narcon9, is at least understandable as far as purpose might be concerned. For one it seem to present a much more robotic and a-personal affect, spitting out fairly rote information such as Battle Star Galactica’s original air date. However, I think it can be assumed that TF-Narcon27 is in some way an embodiment of the 27 volume of The Familiar itself. It is the only other main appearance of the number 27  can think of as it relates to The Familiar, though it is certainly not an inconsequential one. From this we can assume that TF-Narcon27 has perfect knowledge of everything relevant to the 27 volume that fully comprise The Familiar. While this is by no means an irrefutable claim (and I am certain we lack information as of yet revealed to us that must be found in a future volume), it at the very least coheres.

I come to a roadblock with TF-Narcon3. TF-Narcon3 has a penchant for poetry and vague prose, and on the whole is not something I can place within the text. The number 3 doesn’t seem to appear as readily as 9 or 27, save for its relationship to both for being a power of 3 (3^1=3, 3^2=9, 3^3=27). TF-Narcon3 doesn’t seem to be tied to three particular characters which would explain the 3 moniker (though on the whole I would find that strange, seeing as how character seems to be the realm of TF-Narcon9), nor can I find any illuminating passage from TF-Narcon3 that points to its purpose.

So: Can anyone shed some light on this for me? In light of the messianic imagery that appears in the Luther chapters I could perhaps see there being a relationship with the Holy Trinity (TF-Narcon3 does speak Latin in a few places, though this is hardly evidence enough for me). Are there any other triplets that I’ve missed? And please feel free to speculate with me (or at me, as it were).


One response to “TF-Narcon3”

  1. amanduholsen says :

    I like to think that the number 3 is a symbol of God and holiness. It is used 467 times in the bible and represents completeness, or wholeness. TF-Narcon3 (The Familiar Narrative Construct) could be the narcon that is the omniscient and all knowing narrative construct. By their passages, this narcon already seems to know more than the other narcons, like the stage directions in the cave scene between the girl and boy and seems unconcerned with character feelings like TF-Narcon9. I would argue that TF-Narcon3 is the narcon that will bring the narrative to a whole, complete story throughout the 27 volume series.

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