The Physical Experience of The Familiar

I have heard that Danielewski will not publish this as an ebook, making sure that all readers have the same experience with page turning, etc.  I assume we all have the same pink publisher copy – I am wondering if anyone has any insight into what the physical copy of the book will look like (cover design, hard cover, same size pages?)?  I wonder if that will change significantly or if it will have any effect on the reader.

I ask this because there is a defined physical experience when reading this book.  I can think of several instances where the layout makes the reader interact with the book itself.  For example, between pages 461-513, I found the cadence with which I was turning pages seemed very intentional.  Additionally, the orb chapters always have a unique experience when the orb appears within the text, never letting you forget its presence.

What other sections have others found that turns reading into a more physical experience?


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