The Narcons

So, since we’ve started the book, I’ve found the “voices between the braille” otherwise known as the Narcons quite interesting. I’ve studied them since I noticed them correcting, editing, or commenting on the dialogue and narration. Even the characters’ narrator was revealed as TF-Narcon9. (564-576) Originally (around page 199 and 250) I got the idea that the “voices between the braille” (I hadn’t seen the font character list in the back of the book yet. [Maybe put it in the front, unless you {the author} don’t want it to be obvious?]) were characters that edited the actual characters within the book as events and dialogue were happening.

I found the dynamics described by Narcon 9 about other Narcons very interesting. And then developed the idea that it was a (young) early Narcon because it could barely hear the other Narcons who actually edited it. I also developed the impression that it was a girl for some reason. Then thought that the only reason the other Narcons could hear Narcon 9 was because they were possibly older.

I was a little proud of myself for even following this idea because I’ve even read a book remotely close to this. And I’m a little proud of myself for discovering truth in some of my theories. Not gonna lie though. Every thought I had, I rethought and tripple thought because what if I was being tricked into thinking my thoughts by Danielewski’s narration. Trickster. I almost went a little schizo there.



One response to “The Narcons”

  1. Sarah Voigt says :

    I appreciate your reading of the Narcons and it is making this book slightly easier to comprehend. With so many things that are layered and hidden in this narrative, the Narcon voice coming through sporadically was at first distracting, but the idea of an editorial voice, albeit a more novice Narcon, is particularly helpful for the comprehension (maybe…) of this narrative.

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