Paradise Open

Readers are first introduced to this gaming system on page 379. Xanther describes Paradise as being a “perfect, peaceful place without death”. The description of Paradise goes on to be described as an “enclosed garden” and “surrounding wall”, but Glasgow makes the comment that it sounds like a “prison”. With these two different meanings, I began to think of what each character’s Paradise/Prison would be. For Xanther, her prison would be her epilepsy. She is constantly having to see therapists (and almost all of those therapists have failed). Knowing when her seizures are about to start requires her to have to breathe slowly and keep her mind distracted with calming thoughts. The Horrosphere could also be a kind of prison because it is filled with unpleasant images. I think the Narcons could represent a little bit of both Paradise and Prison because they control the happenings of the stories. They could take the role of prison guards or even, as some posts have suggested, the role of a God.
My purpose of this post is to see if anyone else can come up with their own theory for the Paradise Open game or even contribute to the Paradise/Prison descriptions.


One response to “Paradise Open”

  1. Katie Hayman says :

    I’m leaving a link to a copy of a short story that I couldn’t get out of my head in reading the section on Paradise Open. I’m not sure how related it is to the actual story of The Familiar, but it definitely led me to a different reading (albeit a more horrifying one) of the game and game developers.

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