Chart for 609-end

Chapter 24


The Fourth Crate Isandòrno Shipping port, El Tajín, MX

May 10, 2014


Epigraph: Victim #9, possibly from the horror-survival video game “I AM Alive” (see victims)


Venice, Italy

May 11, 2014


Chapter 25


Tiny Storms The Wizard Paisano Hotel etc., Marfa, TX

May 10, 2014


Epigraph: Pink Floyd (from song “Shine on you crazy diamond”)
Chapter 26


“Mom, it’s a –” Astair Los Angeles, CA

May 10, 2014


Epigraph: G.W.F. Hegel (from “Preface to the Philosophy of Right”)

(referencing Minerva’s owl)

Chapter 27


auntie! jingjing Singapore

May 11, 2014


Epigraph: Arthur Yap (from his poem “Man Snake Apple”)
Chapter 28


, dead Anwar Los Angeles, CA

May 10, 2014


Epigraph: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Chapter 29


St. Hopi Luther Los Angeles, CA


Epigraph: Juan Felipe Herrera (from “Crescent Moon on a Cat’s Collar
Chapter 30


If Anything… Xanther Los Angeles, CA


Epigraph: Anne Carson (from her book Nox)

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