The Familiar – post 1

This text is the first metafiction novel that I have ever read. Now that I’m almost done reading it, I can say that it is one of the most interesting and confusing books I’ve read. Honestly I really like how it was set up. I loved the different fonts and the time stamps. I thought that those two things both helped me to keep the story straight. As confusing as it was at first, the horizontal, slanted, weird words ended up being really extraordinary. I think I liked the challenge of reading this book and understanding it. I love mystery novels and investigation already, so getting to delve into this book and figure it out was pretty fun. I think the most challenging part was having to decipher and translate the different languages that came up. I know a lot of Spanish, but none of the other languages. Even though it was the most confusing part, I did learn more about those other languages. I just did not like having to stop to look up words and then go back to reading. However, I would not change anything about the book. It is unique the way it is written now. Mark Danielewski is an amazing writer, and I really hope to read more of his novels. As I was reading The Familiar, I wondered how on Earth one individual could come up with all those different stories and intertwine those different symbols into one novel at once. I would like to think of myself as a little creative, but I could not imagine writing something like this novel (although I wish I could – I would not know where to begin). In addition, the other fact that there are 27 volumes in this series just blows my mind. I wonder how similar or different they will be after reviewing The Familiar. There is so much creativity in The Familiar already. This is definitely one book that I could read over and over, and probably still learn something new each time.



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