After reading the “Is Little Irrelevant” chapter, I realized something I hadn’t  stopped to think about before about race. Most of the characters are immigrants. I hadn’t really noticed it before because not all of the characters are foreign, so I didn’t think it would necessarily matter, and only the ones in Los Angeles are immigrants.

And though it’s kind of a cheesy thing, I think it might have something to do with a failed “American Dream” scenario. On page 416, Shnorhk’s friend Mnatsagan says “Pity instead those who labor so hard to uphold a lie. It is such work that robs them of fruitful work the future would bless.” And before that on page 401 Shnorhk thinks to himself that a “judge would believe Mnatsagan. Officer believe Mnatsagan.” You get the strong connotation that foreigners are not treated as well in the United States. I know it probably has nothing to do with the bigger picture, but you can see little bits of this in Anwar’s life, as well as Oezguer’s and Luther’s. That passage just got me thinking about it.

It’s interesting how even through all these complex narratives, Danielewski is able to incorporate a sense of the class division that is meaningful without being to overbearing.



One response to “Race?”

  1. amanduholsen says :

    I picked up on this motif as well. I think Danielewski, like any author, has hidden opinions throughout the book, immigration being one of them. It is obvious that Danielewski feels that immigrants are not very well treated in America, in general. Another strongly opinionated motif I picked up on was religion. It seems as if Danielewski has strong feelings against a higher being and heaven. I would even argue from what he has put into the text that he may be atheist.

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