Online Connections

After Ozgur’s section (page 434), the reader gets a spread of what Parcel Thoughts would look like on a phone. Danielewski does not give us who’s account it is, but does give the username “rawrgrl.” Knowing that Xanther has an account, the reader might assume that it is hers; that somehow she is connected to Hopi since we see his name is written several times in the different Parcel Thought bubbles, but I believe that it would make more sense if “rawrgrl” was not Xanther, but instead a minor character in Luther’s, such as the girl who hugs Hopi at Nacho Mirande’s place. Another thought could be that “rawrgirl” is in fact Xanther, and since the girl in Luther’s chapter is described as being around thirteen, they could be connected somehow (school maybe?), and she (Xanther) could be viewing the girl and Hopi’s interaction online? I’d love the hear what other’s thoughts were on this.


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