Character list

Still might need a bit of tweaking…..

Storylines 1, 2, and 3._______________________________

Xanther Ibrahim

Xanther’s mother, Astair Ibrahim (40 years old, degree in Counseling, atheist former Catholic)

Xanther’s father, Anwar Ibrahim (54 years old, computer coder, designed game engine, atheist son of a Sufi and a Shiite)

Xanther’s twin sisters, Shasti and Freya

Dov (Xanther’s biological father, killed in Afghanistan)

Dr. Potts (Xanther’s psychologist)

Dendish Mower (bad kid at school)

Xanther’s friends at school: Bayard, Josh, Kle, Mayumi, Cogs

Taymor (Astair’s friend)

Mefisto Dazine (Anwar’s former friend who put his phone # on prank site)

Grez Kacy (owner of Urban Pet)

Anwar’s co-workers: Ehti, Glasgow, Talbot, Winchester


Lupita (Senora paloma Cadenaza Carnamando)




Mezclador / Miz (cook)

Luther’s crew: Piña, Juarez, Victor, Tweetie (Hopi Mannitou)

Teyo (powerful drug lord)

Carmelita (woman minding Luther’s house)

Nacho Mirande (pimp)



Tian Li (auntie of niu che shui, seri of serangoon, the smith street sage)

Her White Cat

zhong sim lin (billionaire)

raedem sim lin (zhong’s son)

Zhong’s staff (bow ties)

Dr. Cas (Catherine Aa’ala Stern)

Bobby (71 yrs old, former Berkeley astronomer)

the Orb  (there are 5 of them in existence)

Kirby (night manager)


Mifflet Shimworth


The Recluse

Realic S. Tarnen (dead, cut into pieces)


Özgür Yildiram (Oz) (57 years old, PI)

Detective Rodney Balascoe

Officer Nyra Carlton

Stan Gebbis

Marvin D’Organidrelle aka Android

Detective Florian Sérbulo

Agent Tramilli (FBI)


Shnorhk Zildjian

Patil (Shnorhk’s wife)

Dwight Plaguer (student witness), Pattalosky (lawyer at traffic court)

Zanazan (Patil’s friend)

Mnatsagan (professor of history, musician, friend of Shnorhk documenting Turkish genocide)




Maria Estancia (tells fortune)

Old Indian

Juan Ernesto Izquierdo (Isandòrno’s

Maria Ernesto Izquierdo (Juan’s wife)

Nastasi and Estella (Isandòrno’s nephew and niece)

10. TF-Narcon 9, 3, 27


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