Three’s The Magic Number (pp. 200- 395)

Three is a magic number. We have the holy trinity, mind body and soul, and triangles (which were extremely revered in Ancient Greece and Egypt) and there are lots of three symbolism going on in the book: Xanther is one of three children. Was there a love triangle between Anwar, Astair and Dov? If a seizure goes over three minutes you need to call an ambulance. The number nine is quite prominent too and of course is three squared. The obvious one here is a cat has nine lives and there are nine characters. Then there’s the amount of volumes said to be written – 27, a factor of three. But why three? I would have understood more if it was two- binary seeing as that’s computer language and it appears to be a story about a computer programme.

The three dots that appear when someone hears the cry. They are appearing more often but are getting fainter. This reminds me of the pings from a black box transmitting so that someone can locate something that needs to be found. The fact that it is fading, in my mind means that it need to be located soon. The more we see them the harder it rain, an electrical storm must be fast approaching. An electrical storm in the weather and/or in Xanther’s head. Will we need to time her seizure? Will it last more than three minutes? Will her ‘beast’ kill her this time? Is this her predator, or is it someone closer to home? Someone like Anwar?


Xanther has just started playing Anwar’s game in which she is the prey. I think this simulation corresponds with what’s going on in reality. I think she is being manipulated by Anwar for some reason and quite possibly Anwar may have had something to do with Dov’s death somehow.

In the game, Xanther asks what sort of animal she is, but they don’t know yet, just like we don’t know yet what fragile and dangerous creature it is that Xanther ends up trying to save rather than getting a dog (blurb on the back cover).Is it a real animal, or is it the predator that is chasing her in the game, or the thing that is making the noise that everyone can hear as the storm is fast approaching? Who are the predators she has to look out for in real life? Anwar? Luther? Hopi?

For some reason I am not quite connecting yet with the other stories, but enjoy reading the Singapore narratives as it is so poetical and I feel should read out loud.


2 responses to “Three’s The Magic Number (pp. 200- 395)”

  1. atodd102015 says :

    Agreed; nine seems at first to stick out the most, but the powers of three aspect makes it seem the more central. Beyond 3-9-27, 81 (have to check my notes later about where) and 243 (243243 being the number of years in the past for the prehistoric preview) are also having their moments.

    Three’s most interesting to me because of its disruptive quality in relation to either/or binaries. The human/animal relationship (part of the focus in the class here at UT) and the human/machine relationship can be reductive, but triangulating the three forces us to consider the relationship in a perhaps more complex way.

  2. amanduholsen says :

    The idea of the hunted and the hunter is an interesting one. I don’t quite believe that Xanther is being manipulated by Anwar unless it is outside forces (perhaps the narcons or the familiar itself?) that is possessing him to do so. However, we do see several examples of prey in the book, especially with Xanther. Not only is she the prey in her step father’s video game, but she also suffers from epilepsy, a disease that ultimately “seizes” you in an attack like a predator until you are released from its “claws.”

    We also see the hunter and the prey with Luther and Hopi. Hopi is given large eyes, a stutter, and portrayed in a very weak way. While Luther doesn’t hunt him himself, he throws him to his dogs who he expects will tear Hopi apart. Luther also has a very savage, hunter like man in his gang named Juarez, who has claw like fingernails.

    Cas is being hunted by some unknown terror in her narrative, and Ozgur hunts for the criminals because he is a detective. Many of the characters are either being hunted or are on the hunt.

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