Response to “Remediating TV” by juliapanko

How is reading The Familiar like watching at TV program?

I would agree that The Familiar has many similar characteristics to a television program. The stories that develop throughout the novel often remind me of developing plot lines in a tv series. Just like watching a series on Netflix, The Familiar tells the story of several groups of people with one connecting factor. In television, the connecting factor could be the relationship all the characters share with one another. In Danielewski’s novel, the connection is the time and date. In addition, this novel mirrors tv by how it leaves the reader (or watcher) hooked and interested without providing many answer to large questions/issues taking place. The novel shows a peak of the plot line and then moves to the next group of characters. Television series keep watchers interested by leaving them hanging from week to week. The design of the first section of the novel resembles a television screen and almost represents previews before a television show begins. The direction the book must be held to read this section is different from the rest of the novel.


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