Xanther, Anwar, and Astair’s storyline is the one I am most interested in as well. I wonder if the same would be true if the novel opened with one of the other story lines though. There are several storylines going on, so I think the opening storyline is the one that we are most interested in. Also, it might not be a coincidence that Xanther’s chapters are written in a style that resembles computer coding. Is Danielewski using a coding format to program us, as readers, to pay attention to certain things more than others?
I feel like I’m trying to solve a puzzle. My mind wanders from section to section, but I think that is Danielewski’s intention. To keep track of the storylines, I made a chart for myself that lists the characters in each chapter. It helps me visualize which characters belong to the separate storyline. I am waiting to see if there will be any overlapping.

Discussion board for Mark Z. Danielewski's THE FAMILIAR, Volume 1

Is anyone else feeling slightly frustrated with Danielewski at this point? I have finished 400 pages of a book, and half the time, I haven’t a clue where it is going.  I find myself clinging to the Xanther stories (and Anwar and Astair’s by association) as a sort of scaffolding to support my interest.   I find my interesting peaking when one of those sections comes up.

The scope is throwing me off.  I am growing to understand Luther’s storyline, but only because it has been given several significant sections.  I am very confused as to the relevance of several others (“Yeah man. Something died.” “palace above the day” “Veinte pesos” to name a few).  So far, the only thing I know they have in common is their timestamp putting them into the timeline.

I am curious and excited to see how (if?) all of these will tie together, or if…

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