Dog-Eared Pages

What do we make of the dog-eared look that many of the tops of the novel’s pages have? It looks like many of them have been folded back, marking the previous page. Which pages aren’t marked in this way, and why? Or maybe these aren’t dog ears — what else could this design suggest?


One response to “Dog-Eared Pages”

  1. icarlyrose says :

    Wow, I didn’t even notice the dog-eared design! It’s interesting how each chapter has different dog-eared styles. I wonder if they will be in color in the published edition. Usually readers dog-ear a page so they remember where they left off or to mark something they want to go back to. I can’t imagine anyone reading only one page at a time. The only association I am able to make is that it relates to the reoccurring mentions of cats and dogs in the novel.

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