Kontemplating the Koincidence of ‘K’

Hmm. I’m not convinced about the idea of catdog. What I do find interesting is the idea of a kitten. For myself there is a curiosity in Xanther’s nickname Fraidy K that was given to her by her biological father Dov. The nickname alludes to the common term fraidy cat/scaredy cat but Danielewski has avoided using the word cat and replaced it with the letter K. I’ve concluded that the K is the synonym kitten shortened. Why K? Well, why not? The origin of use has been explained and not much else. I’ll add that as Fraidy K is a name given to Xanther based on her characteristics this may also be what she perceives herself as in her animal game…

The could also simply refer to her being a kid. But as far as animals go I don’t believe a [Spoiler Alert] wailing baby goat is what is being heard by either Luther, Isandorno or Anwar.

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, only further reading will tell.


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